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Prof. Jose J. Granda's entire career has been devoted to education, more experience than any of the other candidates.   He is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the California State University in Sacramento.   He obtained his M.S, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and Davis respectively.   He is currently Chairman of the Technical Activity Committee on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of the Society for Computer Simulation.  He serves as General Chair for ICBGM’2012 (International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation.   The University of California, Davis awarded him an award as the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award.   The California State University awarded Prof. Granda the Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award.  Prof. Granda is an expert in computer modeling and simulation of  Mechatronics Dynamic Systems with experience in dynamics and design of ground and space vehicles. Prof. Granda has done research and teaching in European universities such as the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn-Rhein, Germany.  He was also invited as Visiting Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich Switzerland.

Since 2002, he has worked with NASA as a NASA Faculty Fellow, first at the NASA Langley Research Center as part of the Morphing Project and then at NASA Johnson Space Center as part of the engineering team of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114  mission to the International Space Station.  He worked for NASA Ames and the Kennedy Space Center, invited by the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD).   Prof. Granda is one of NASA mission engineering spokespersons.   He served as NASA spokesperson for 17 misions of the the Space Shuttle program for Atlantis, Endeavour and Discovery Shuttles on their missions to the Space Station and the Huble Telescope, STS-135, STS-134, STS-133, STS-132,STS-131, STS-130, STS-129, STS-128, STS-127, STS-126, STS-124, STS-123, STS-122, STS-118, STS-117, STS-114.  He is responsible for the mission status updates for all Latin American Countries and other Spanish speaking countries around the world.    Using social media, he is engaged in activities to motivate young people to become engineers and scientists.  His can be found on Twitter at @SrNASA for following the latest NASA missions at   in English and Spanish.

During his career as a researcher, he has published 65 scientific articles in journals and conferences.  He has edited seven books and compendiums of research in his field.  Dr. Jose Granda is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of California.  He has served as the General Chairman of the ICBGM International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation which takes place every two years since 1993 with the latest one in 2012.  He has been invited by prestigious universities around the world to share his research. He conducted research at the Ecole Centralle the Lille, France, The University of Applied Sciences in Bonn, Germany under the  DAAD (German Academic Exchange) invited him to spend his Sabbatical  year 1999-2000 at the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn, Germany where he also taught in German.  During 2010, Prof. Granda was in Switzerland to spend his sabbatical at invitation of the ETH (Swiss Institute of Technology), Zurich.

Prof. Granda’s research has been presented around the World and industry in English, Spanish, French and German, languages that he speaks fluently.  He has presented seminars and courses at the University of Gottingen, Germany, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France; (EPFL) Applied Sciences Polytechnic University of Lausanne, Switzerland,  Teschnische Fachhoschule, San Agustín Germany, the university of Louvan, Belgium, University of Guanajuato, Mexico, University of Zaragoza, Spain, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, National Polytechnic University of  Ecuador and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México as well as industries such as: Daimler-Chrysler (Mercedes Benz) and ADÁM OPEL AG, Germany.  In the United State in IBM, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Dataproducts Corporation y FMC.  Prof. Granda is a member of scientific organizations such as the AIAA, SCS, ASM, Sigma XI Scientific Society, and Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars. 


In his personal life, he lives in Davis with his wife Imelda who are parents to a 15 year old son JJ.  He has three other children from a previous marriage, David, an electical engineer,  Sara an Attorney for the California Health Deparment and Cristina, a Sicologist currently working at UC Berkeley.

He also likes sports and hobbies.  He is a National Referee for AYSO, with 35 years of service to the organization and all of them with Davis children and young adults. He also holds a Referee Badge from USSF (United States Soccer Federation). Every saturday you will find him in the soccer field, the sport he learned to play since he was 5 years old.

He spends his spare time with his wife working to support AECALIFORNIA (Ecuadorian Asociation of California), a non profit organization that supports financially American Medical missions so American Doctors can go and operate for free on children in South America.  He has been President and CEO of that organization for the last 8 years.

He loves learning languages, watches the news in German and French and started learning Italian.

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